Features & Benefits

Finally, a Marketing Solution That Moves You Forward


Optimize search engine optimization on-page, off-page, and back links.  Get your position to rank higher on google, bing, and yahoo!


Optimize your Social Media with proven results.  Optimize your social media needs.  Get more followers, more engagements, and more leads through social media.  Proven results with Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business Twitter, TikTok, and Pinterst!

Total Design Freedom 

Level up your content marketing with cutting-edge technology and talent. Alexandrite will analyze and create organic content, with regards to menu designs, 3-D images, blog articles, videos, website content and SEO, email campaigns, infographics, and more.

Monthly Analytic Reports

Monthly analytic reports of SMO, SEO, Website Traaffic, Reviews, and conversion rates.

Website Design

Create a user friendly integrated website with us!

Optimize The Perfect Marketing Solution for you

Alexandrite Consulting wants to work with your team.  We want your business to be profitable with a healthy work environment.

There Is Something for Everyone

Learn how you can increase your sales today with a solution tailored for you.