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  • Taylor Swanson

SEO and the Skyscraper Technique

SEO is important for ranking higher on the internet. The skyscraper technique allows you to gain attention from audience and builds trust in content.

The skyscraper technique is about finding out about what best results come from content you put out on the internet.

The Skyscraper Technique was developed by Brian Dean at Backlinko as a way to create engaging content to get editorial links putting your company at the top!

Here are the three principles for the technique

  1. Research popular content from competitors

  2. Create elevated content and publish to your site/ social networks

  3. Get the word out there about the content you created.

The skyscraper technique is a way of linking content creation, social media, SEO, PR and putting your business on the top. (Skyscraper)

Here is some ways to use the Skyscraper technique:

  • Vlog

  • Infographics

  • Having Influencers publish event tickets or sales:

  • Posting related content to the business.

  • Using trending audios, or creating music and audios that are authentic and unique.

  • Utilizing the right keywords accross social, website, and audible searches.

  • Ensuring work is original and does not contain copy-right infringements

Google has 3 main ranking factors including:

  1. Content

  2. Links

  3. RankBrain

Here are some tips to make content more appealing:

  • Make content stand out visually

  • Make content come from users (trustability) - reviews, case studies, and reposts

  • Update content and keep it stream-lined across platforms

Want to learn more about the Skyscraper technique?

Book a free 30 minute consultation with Alexandrite Consulting and start learning how your rankings could be higher with better content.

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